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Andrea Caldarelli 8th in Formula E Rookie Test

Andrea Caldarelli 8th in Formula E Rookie Test


Positive day for Andrea Caldarelli in Formula E Rookie Test. The Italian drove Dragon Racing car in Marrakech venue for a special day promoted by FIA electric series for those drivers who’ve never drove that car before. Despite a difficult start, Andrea’s results at the end of the day were more than positive, working on a busy schedule planned by Dragon Racing. Some raindrops and a crash in the morning delayed a bit the activities, but in the afternoon, the job was done. Just in the final, a technical issue on the main car forced all the team to set-up the second, with Caldarelli prevented to use 100% potential in qualifying simulation. By the way eighth final fastest lap time was an encouraging result.

Andrea Caldarelli
“Thanks to Dragon Racing for this great opportunity in FIA Formula E Rookie Test. I wasn’t driving an open wheel car for a while, so was nice to be back with an electric vehicle. Formula E has a totally different approach compared to all the cars I’ve driven before. Final results, in term of timing lap, could have been better, but we had some problems in the morning and an issue in the afternoon. This is basically what happens in a regular Formula E event, so was a good experience for both me and the team, extremely realistic”.

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