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Ninth place for Andrea Caldarelli in Fuji

Ninth place for Andrea Caldarelli in Fuji


Just few days after the unlucky race in Sugo, Andrea Caldarelli came back on track at Fuji for 2016 SUPER GT Round 4. The Italian driver, at the wheel of WAKO’S 4CR RC F alongside Kazuya Oshima, had to face with a difficult week-end for all Lexus squad since qualifying. Oshima drove session 1, failing the access to Q2. Starting from 11th place, Andrea brought his car at LEXUS TEAM LE MANS WAKO’S box into 6th position, but a pit-stop longer than normal cost them 9th place under the chequered flag.

Andrea Caldarelli
“Since free practice we saw would have been a difficult week-end. Me and my teammate try to raise the maximum from our car, but all the RC F struggled. In qualifying we also try a different strategy with medium compound of Bridgestone tyres, but we miss Q2 for few hundredths. I started the race as usual for the first stint, but during the pit-stop something didn’t work as we expected. We are still investigating to understand the reason, especially to be ready for next round in Suzuka, the most important race of the year with a 1000Km”.

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