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Vanished victory for Andrea Caldarelli in Sugo

Vanished victory for Andrea Caldarelli in Sugo


Tough week-end for Andrea Caldarell in Sugo. The Italian driver was in Japan for 3rd SUPER GT 2016 round, afterwards Autopolis round scheduled on May 22nd was cancelled due an heavy earthquake, alongside his teammate Kazuya Oshima. They opened the week-end with an amazing pole position set in 1:10.51, with more than two tenths’ gap on the rivals. As usual Andrea drove the WAKO’S 4CR RCF at the start, and in just few laps he was setting the pace. Unfortunately on lap seven a lapped car crashed into Caldarelli, forcing him to spin, re-joining the race on last position. During his stint Andrea gave 100% effort to recover until 4th at driver change. Oshima kept the position and closing the gap, but a red flag few laps before the end prevented them to fight at least for the podium.

Andrea Caldarelli
“For sure it was a disappointing week-end. I’m afraid for all the job me and LEXUS TEAM LEMANS WAKO’S did during this race, but was out of our control what happened. Looking forward for the next race I’m confident because our car was the fastest in qualifying and as well in race we’ve shown a great pace. Hopefully we can be rewarded for our hard work soon”.

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