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Andrea Caldarelli scores heavy points at Fuji

Andrea Caldarelli scores heavy points at Fuji


Andrea Caldarelli is once again leaving a SUPER GT race with the championship lead. After winning in the opening round of the season at Okayama, Andrea suffered for the compensation ballast set up for his LEXUS RC-F by the rulebook as he lined-up for the second event at Fuji. The 40 additional kilograms affected the performance of the 37 car, which couldn't do better than a 14th place in qualifying. As usual, Andrea drove at the start, recovering up to the 6th spot during his first stint. Then he finished the race in the same position after getting the seat back from team-mate Ryo Hirakawa. Caldarelli continues to lead the standings with 25 points.

Andrea Caldarelli
“As happened last year, we are dealing with an heavy weight handicap and, having 40 kilograms of success ballast, it was impossible to do better than the seventh row on the grid. During the race our pace was good, and our car performs well in terms of tire wear. On the other hand, there wasn't enough margin to aim at the top. We will be even heavier in Thailand with 50 kilos of ballast. We will try to defend our championship lead, knowing we will be suffering”.

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