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Andrea Caldarelli rounds out positive weekend at Fuji

Andrea Caldarelli rounds out positive weekend at Fuji


In the Fuji round of the Formula Nippon championship, Andrea Caldarelli achieved his first goal in the series, as after having retired at Suzuka and Autopolis, he was finally able to complete his first full race. The Italian ended up in 13rd place under the checkered flag, in a really positive result that proved how he can be a constant and legitimate threat on race day. Despite the good overall weekend experience, Caldarelli could have aimed at more without some incidents that prevented him from running at the top of his game. After he lost time due to a pit-lane miscue, he was later slowed down by a fault in his push-topass system that prevented him from make passing attempts on the front straight. Despite all the issues, he battled his way to the checkered flag, settling outside the top-10 only in the last few laps.

Andrea Caldarelli
“I'm really satisfied with the result I scored this weekend at the Fuji in the third F.Nippon round of the year. I managed to get to the end of a race for the first time, after the contact at Suzuka and the fuel issue that left me hanging with just a few corners to go at Autopolis. Of course 13th isn't what we were expecting. In practice we ended up in 11th, and in qualifying we ran strong too with 14th place. On race day I could have fought for 11th again, but a miscue during the first pit-stop cost me some valuable seconds which I had to recover ontrack afterwards. In addition to that, we suffered from a problem to the overtake boost system that forced me to defend myself on the straights rather than go on the attack. In the closing laps I was passed twice, but I'm happy because I hit the first goal I had set for myself. Of course we won't stop here! When I started my experience in the Formula nippon I knew how tough would have been to aim at whatever result. Simply because the overall level of the championship is so high... Together with the Kondo team we're growing up, and the biggest help is coming from Toyota, who keeps supporting me in this new adventure”.

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