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Andrea Caldarelli scores podium finish at GP3 debut

Andrea Caldarelli scores podium finish at GP3 debut


Andrea Caldarelli was off to a really positive GP3 debut in the first round of the 2011 series at Istanbul park. The Abruzzo-based 21-year-old racer started from the front row, before ending up on the podium and scoring the fastest lap of race 1. After a great run in practice despite the wet asphalt, he clocked the fourth fastest lap in qualifying, before being promoted to second place due to a couple of post-session penalties. At the start of race 1, Caldarelli cruised to the lead but had to yeld in order to avoid a first-lap contact. He then held second place through the finish and scored an additional point for having clocked the fastest lap. On race 2, he didn't make mistakes at the start as he recovered up to 5th place. On his path to a valuable top-5 finish, he provided some exciting duels and completed a sensational outside move at the first corner.

Andrea Caldarelli
“Fair play has been important since qualifying, and it's great to see that's normal in an international environment, and that drivers are actually penalized for breaking the rules. I was promoted from 4th to 2nd place and thanks to a good start I found myself in the lead. At the end of lap1 Melker moved on me, and I decided not to block him in order to avoid putting our results in jeopardy. I lost my chance for win at the re-start after the safety-car which went on-track for just two corners. We didn't expect it to come back to the pits so early. I recovered the gap I had towards the lead as I also clocked the fastest lap of the race, but it hasn't been enough. On race 2 I just got back all the spots I could in order to score the highest possible amount points. I want to thank all the Tech 1 team for their great support. We worked hard and developed a winning racecar in just one month…".

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