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Andrea Caldarelli keeps dealing with hard luck

Andrea Caldarelli keeps dealing with hard luck


The streak of bad luck that plagued the 2009 Formula 3 Euro Series for Andrea Ca
ldarelli didn't end at the Nurburgring. The Italian, part of Toyota's developmen
tal F1 program, entered the 6th round of the season with his regular team, SG Fo

Issues started as early as Qualifying, when suddenly third gear broke, relegatin
g him to 22nd place. After starting from the 11th row, Andrea climbed back to 14
th place, before being hit by Brazilian driver Pedro Enrique and finding himself
dead last.

"I really don't know what to do to reverse my recent fortunes - explains Caldare
lli. I was recovering really hard and I could have even get more spots back, in
order to start from the front rows on Race 2. Unfortunately, I felt a hard hit f
rom behind, spinning end ending up in 25th.

"I started from the same spot for the second race, and I got some spots back bof
ore starting to experience a strong oversteer that prevented me from recovering
further. In addition to that, I was penalized by the stewards after going straig
ht at the chicane."

Caldarelli ended up in 20th, glad to have overcome such an impossible weekend. "
Let's say this season will help me build an extremely tough shell, and I'm sure
everything will seem easy one day...". The next round of the Formula 3 Euro Seri
es is set for the first weekend of September, at Silverstone.

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